What is your cancellation policy?

West Yellowstone is an advance reservation, destination area. Because we are a small, seasonal property, the impact cancellations have on us is much greater in comparison to the impact they have on larger corporate chains. We require a non-refundable deposit, equal to one night’s charges plus taxes to be collected at the time of booking. Should you cancel your reservation at any time after the booking, for any reason, this deposit will not be refunded back to you. We also have a 7-day policy for making changes to your original reservation. If you shorten your stay within 7 days of your original check-in date you will be responsible for all of the originally reserved nights. This includes shortening your stay at check-in or after. If you shorten your stay more than 7 days prior to the original arrival date, you will be responsible for a 15% cancellation fee per night.

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