“Montana: The Last, Best Place”

This is the Montanan unofficial state motto. Perhaps it’s the incredible vastness and open landscape, shouting “Big Sky Country!” that explains what this saying means. Perhaps it’s the pristine air and alive, flowing waters, our deep Native American culture, a true American West scene where the buffalo still roam, the raw and untouched beauty of all things wild and free. It could be that quiet moment of peace, looking out into our immense Canyons, intense Falls and expansive, sprawling forests where you can feel what this saying really means. For many of us, when visiting Montana, we gain a life-changing perspective that makes one realize you are right here, experiencing one of the last, best places on earth.

“My favorite state has not yet been invented. It will be called Montana and it will be perfect”

Abraham Lincoln
While signing the Montana Organic Act, establishing Montana as a U.S. territory on May 26, 1864

Local & Special

Montana is special to us and we want to share it with you as much as we can during your visit. We incorporate many locally made items and amenities at our property. Additionally, because our state is rich in Native American culture and history, we find it especially important to include Native American Made in Montana items, as well. The Native American Tribes linked most to our specific location include the Crow, Shoshone, Blackfoot, and Flathead tribes.  By sourcing items and amenities from these rich cultures, our guests are provided a truly unique and immersive Montana experience!

Made in Montana
Native American Made in Montana

Enjoy these locally sourced items at the Evergreen

Here is a list of local, handmade, Made in Montana and Native American Made in Montana amenities. These items are subject to availability and if not available, replacements of equal quality are always used.

  • Locally sourced and handmade right here in West Yellowstone: Lodgepole Pine headboards, nightstands, desk, tables, and some chairs.
  • Montana Essential Oils– organically grown and processed in Bozeman, Montana
  • All of our elk horns were searched for and gathered in the wild when the Elk naturally shed them every spring. (Please note, elk sheds found inside Yellowstone National Park are illegal to move from where they lie)
  • Our custom made, leather, room key chains are handmade by Joe Haas in Ennis, MT
  • Accent pillows include hand beadwork by Kevin Rose Jr, a member of the Blackfoot Native American tribe in Montana.
  • Dream catchers featured in our guest rooms are custom designed and handmade by Land of Dreams, Frank Belgarde a member of the Little Shell Tribe.
  • Our in-room coffee, Native American Coffee is one of the best tasting in-room coffee pods we found on the market. We drink it black to truly appreciate it’s quality and taste – you can hardly say that for most in-room coffee!

Taste of Montana

We feel truly immersed while traveling when we are tasting something local and unique to the area. So, we have created an event: “Taste of Montana” that allows our guests to add another layer to their Wild West Experience. “Taste of Montana” is held twice monthly and is random and unscheduled.

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“…you will be stunned, stunned and silenced by the breathtaking, magnificent beauty of Montana’s wide open spaces…It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is no place like it”

Anthony Bourdain Parts unknown – Montana

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